Popular Treks in Bhutan

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Bhutan trekking holiday offers great opportunities for trekking enthusiasts with a lot of scope for a splendid trekking. The place with its heavenly and excellent scenic beauty, suits the senses of one and all. It has deep valleys with gorges and canyons, which are really amazing to look at. Untouched and virgin lofty peaks and a vast mountain range have a lot of scope for discovering the unknown.

Tourists who come to this exotic location explore the real sense of Bhutan trekking tour adventure, which is beyond imagination. The place is best suited for hiking and trekking freaks. Trekking in Bhutan is the favorite adventure activity for the visitors. The best seasons for Bhutan Trekking are October to November and March to May.

Remarkable Treks in Bhutan

Most remarkable treks for a splendid Bhutan trekking holiday are:

Snowman Trek

It’s a 25 days trekking event into one of the country’s most far-flung valleys. Also, it is one of the toughest high altitude treks, but a remarkable experience for every person taking up the challenge.

Chomolhari Trek

Chomolhari is undoubtedly the best trek that endows you with a vivid Bhutanese landscape. It is among the most undisturbed trek of the world. Therefore, it is open to a wide scope of exploration.

Bhutan Laya Trek

Trekking is highly exclusive at Bhutan Laya Trek. Tourists will find only a handful of nomadic yak herders on the way. Moreover, the tranquility and exoticism of nature is a pleasure to watch.

Land of Thunder Dragon Trek

Land of Thunder Dragon Trek makes the trekkers familiar with ancient monasteries, forts and museums. Also, the tourists get to see eye catching view of scenic Bhutanese villages.

Knowledgeable Tips on Trekking in Bhutan

1 - As trekking is mainly affected by rains, hence rainy seasons should be avoided for a tour to Bhutan.

2 - Bhutan Trekking should be organized for minimum of four days and maximum of twenty five days. The trekking day starts with five to seven hours of walking. Walk is really exhausting and tiring. For conveyance, the local animals like ponies and yaks are available.

3 - Always plan a trekking tour under observation of professional organizers. Trekking organizers in Bhutan have expert trekkers for assistance; they walk ahead of the trekking party and make necessary provisions like erecting tents and clearing major hurdles.

4 - Don’t forget to gear up with the basic trekking requirements like trendy efficient flashlights, sun glasses, warm sleeping bag, trekking boots, insect repellents, first aid box, rain coat, backpack, etc.

Thus, next time you plan to visit a place to satiate your trekking thirst, choose a Bhutan trekking holiday.

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Popular Treks in Bhutan

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