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Trekking is called the pleasure for the adventurists and India is considered as one of the important hubs for the global trekkers. The principle reason of this is the Himalayan foothills and this offers the trekking trial that is truly global in class. The fact of the matter remains that India provides you complete trekking enjoyment found only in the few countries of the world. This is actually a dual enjoyment.

Apart from the trekking activities, you have also the opportunity to participate in many other activities of fun and these include rock climbing, water sports, camping and many more. There are dual advantages of Himalayan trekking. The first one is that you discover the bounty and beauty of nature and the second one is that it will be a special way to have the inner journey of the self. Because of these two principal advantages, the trekking tour is considered as one of the most sought after tours in India.

The principal requirement of the Himalayan trek is the levels of energy you are carrying and if you trained yourself enough for the tough terrains, India has many things in store for you. You will find the splendid trek trials in the places like Kumaon, Garhwal, Chamba, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Manali, Zanskar and Leh. All these places are the spots of extraordinary beauty that is found in very less places around the world. When you go for trekking in the places of pristine beauty like Darjeeling and Sikkim, it will be a thrill and experience that has a special relevance in your life. You will have the glimpse of the tallest mountain also known as mount Everest from Sikkim and can get the spectacular view of Kanchenjunga too.

When it comes to the Himalayan trekking in India, one cannot forget Garhwal and Kumaon. You have some of the best treks in the globe on these destinations. One of the principal advantages here is that you trek across the Himalayan region. You also carry some of the wonderful options and the choices are plenty. These include the Har ki duni trek, Dodital trek, valley of flowers trek and the source of Ganges trek. Himalayan trekking tours provides you the complete package to have the compete taste of Himalayas and you will drink the wonderful nectar of snow clad peaks, breathtaking valleys, pristine meadows, the glacier which are as crystal clear as the graded diamonds. You can have the glimpse of the beautiful waterfalls. If you go in the chilled season, they will be frozen. It is better if you select the warm season for trekking purposes.

Among the top trekking destinations, Leh holds a place. When you go for the Zanskar trek, it has got an effect that has an impact on you. The inside trek valleys of Ladakh are the destinations for the longer treks and you can explore the inner hidden beauty of the bare mountains. It is better to go for the trekking with a group of friends or companions. It will be a nice experience.

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Himalyas Treks

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This article was published on 2011/10/04