Himalayan Trek – The Adventure You Will Remember

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You can have the wonderful tour to the Himalayas. These mountain ranges mesmerize the tourist especially when he comes to India or Nepal.  India is one of the finest destinations for the adventure tourists and they will fulfill a dream of their life by going for a long Himalayan trek. It will be an adventure and the memories will remain for the entire life.

When you want to go for the purpose of Himalayan trekking in India, you have to be sure of the chances of rough weather on the way. There is no doubt about the fact that that you will come across some beautiful Indian Himalayan villages on the way. You will meet people and will have the opportunity to eat the good vegetarian and non vegetarian food. It will really be an amazing experience.

Himalayas trekking is a splendid adventure. You can travel across long distances in the northern belt of India. You can go on the tops across the Kulu valley and have excitement and fun. Trekking can at time be tough in such cases as you will have to take rest in some secluded places in a tent during the night. It is better to take some essential food items that can provide instant energy.

There is a difference between Himalayan trek and mountaineering. In case of trekking, you do not have the means of transport available and you have to travel to long distances on foot.

Chandra Taal

It is a beautiful destination in the Himalayas for the purpose of trekking. You have a lake and magnificent cirque. It is located in Spiti in the beautiful region of Himalayas and is an excellent destination for the Himalayan trekking tours in India. You can go to the lake on foot from Kunzum pass or Batal.


It is a beautiful trekking destination and a place of the origination of the Bhagirathi glacier. The meaning of Gomukh is mouth of cow and it is a beautiful trekking destination. This place is also named in the Puranas in the ancient it.

Hemkund Sahib

This is a holy place of sikhs located in the Himalayas at a distance of 15200 ft. It is also an excellent spot for Himalayan trekking. When you reach this place, you will feel you are on a path of spiritual fulfillment. Guru Gobind singh is said to have come to this place.

Kafni Glacier

This is a glacier located in the Kumaon Himalayas in the south western part of Nanda Devi. There is a Pindari river and this is a popular trekking destination. This place is located in the Bhageshwar district.

You can go for Himalayan trekking but it is essential to take some relevant information through some expert trekkers in the Himalayan zones. It will be an amazing experience. It is better not to go to long treks and isolated destinations without having prior information.

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Himalayan Trek – The Adventure You Will Remember

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Himalayan Trek – The Adventure You Will Remember

This article was published on 2011/09/16